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LIFE MEDEA Open Public Fair in Crete

The Open Public Fair event in Greece took place on the 8th of June, 2022 at Heraklion Cultural Center, “Experimental Stage” and was under the auspices of the 7th Health District and the Region of Crete. The event was launched by the National Life Contact Point Representative/Environmental Sector, Green Fund, Dr. Spyridoula Demiris, who referred to the 30th anniversary of LIFE+ programs. The Coordinator of the LIFE+ MEDEA program, Dr Panayiotis. Yiallouros, also addressed the event and explained the need for European policies in adapting to the consequences of climate change and desert dust storms. He explained the MEDEA contribution towards the development of exposure reduction strategies to mitigate dessert dust health effects and highlighted the need to transfer these approaches to larger EU populations. The following guests also attended the fair and addressed the audience: Dean of the Medical School, University of Crete, Dr G. Kochiadakis, Deputy Regional Governor of Crete on Environmental Issues, Mr. N. Xylouris, Administrator of the 7th Health District, Region of Crete, Ms. L. Borboudakis, Regional Director of Education of Crete, Mr. M. Kartsonakis, Deputy Mayor of Education, Lifelong Learning & Youth, Ms. S. Archontakis, President of Heraklion Medical Association Dr Ch. Vavouranakis, President of the Institute of Scientific Research, Panellenic Medical Association.

The event also included short presentations by: M. Galanakis, Professor of Pediatrics and Scientific Director of the Crete - Greece LIFE+ MEDEA program who briefly presented the program and its implementation, G. Rouva, Resident pediatrician, who gave a small talk on infectious microorganisms contained in the desert dust storm, L. Dimitriou, Professor of Experimental Pediatrics, presented the knowledge and attitudes of the members of the Advisory Committee related to the DDS phenomenon on health and also described the toolbox created by the activities of LIFE+ MEDEA, A. Andriotis, Director of the 30th Primary School of Heraklion, commented on the experience of the interaction of students with the MEDEA team at schools during the field work and the impact of it on both health and attitudes of the young students towards both the “patient-doctor relationship” and “being part of a research program”, E. Michaelides, Pediatrician, Department of Pediatrics University Hospital of Heraklion, presented the effect of desert dust on children with asthma after MEDEA interventions, I. Anastassiou, Cardiologist, Department of Cardiology University Hospital of Heraklion and M. Simantirakis, Professor of Cardiology provided data on the effect of desert dust on heart disease and the effect of MEDEA intervention on it. M. Kanakidou, Professor of Environmental Chemistry and Analytical Chemistry, Environmental Chemical Process Laboratory (EPC) talked on the prognosis of dust episodes and the experience in Crete, the content of the desert dust and what we could do to avoid it.